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Bee Wise is manufactured solely to produce good.
Bee Wise Industries cc is a manufacturer and distributor of traditional/complementary medicines and health and beauty products.
Founding & History
On the 12th of January 2001, Bee Wise Industries was officially launched into the world of South African commerce by entrepreneurs Roger and Nola Egersdorfer. The year 2002 saw this family orientated business reach company status, with Clive Egersdorfer being it’s sole member. By 2003, the Bee Wise product of inception, `Original’ bee balm, had been joined by additional labels to our range.

Bee Wise is a leading, completely natural, healthcare range which has proved  to be a valued household name.

The primary vision of this company  was to manufacture an affordable, 100% natural, traditional balm, `out of Africa’, which would retard ailments of the skin, both in humans and in animals. Motivation, certainly, to develop new and affordable health and beauty products to answer the specific needs of a growing population in Southern Africa and internationally.
Bee Wise is manufactured solely to produce good.

Bee Wise and The Law
All the products in the Bee Wise product range are classified as traditional/complementary medicines, this being due to the 100% natural ingredients which we use at all times, without deviation.
The most important ingredient we use has no medical classification at all – TLC - and this ingredient may, of course, be dispensed freely, by anyone, at any time.


Traditional/complementary medicine is regulated by the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act 1965 & Amendment 1997. In this Act, there is no mandatory call for  traditional/complimentary medicines to be registered with the Medical Control Council, nor any other body.

During 1997/98 a review of the medicines regulatory system was undertaken. In the report which followed it was stated that - `Medicines control clearly needs to be extended in an appropriate manner to this field, aiming to ensure that no unsafe products are on sale and that the texts attached to such products do not encourage irresponsible use. In the future medicines control system, there will need to be a systematic attempt to deal with this area fairly, having regard to both public health consideration and public demand'.

This review was followed by a Bill - a proposed Amendment to the Act - which was withdrawn (1998) and was never promulgated.

In February 2002 a call up of complementary medicines was issued.

To date, the evaluations on medicines received still await completion as the process, procedures and guidelines necessary to implement this are not yet in place.

Our Stand

  • Bee Wise has no antipathy to any governing regulation which may be passed by the Dept. of Health on traditional/complimentary medicines.
  • Bee Wise stands ready to face the future by having voluntarily submitted all product information for registration in readiness for the time when traditional/complementary medicines are officially evaluated.
  • Voluntary submission of information for registration – acknowledged – 8/04/2003.
  • Bee Wise is manufactured only to produce good.

Trade mark;-   Bee Wise   2002103235
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VAT Reg. No;-  478 020 2919
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